Pass Bitches. Not Weed.
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Schoolboy Q

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Looking for Guest Bloggers


I am launching my "Define You" summer series on June 21. If you are interested in sharing your personal style or favorite fashion tips, let me know! Message me here or send an email to

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Schoolboy Q
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Retro Low Concords - Size 10
Message me here if you are trying to snag this pair of dope kicks. 
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Happy Birthday to the Notorious B.I.G.
The legend, formally known as Christopher George Latore Wallce, would be 42 years old today. His music touched souls, voiced a generation and changed lives. What I have to say about the greatness that is Biggie Smalls will never do him justice, I’ll let his music talk. Here’s a classic:
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Since it’s conception almost 3 years ago, Fabulous & Featured has garnered over 94,000 page views. AMAZING! I am truly grateful to each and every person who has taken a little time out of their day to see what I’m talking about on this site. This summer I am investing all of my time and money into this blog in order to get this site working at its optimal potential. This is going to be a long and arduous process, so I’ve decided to start out with a few short term goals. By the end of this summer I want Fabulous & Featured to have 1000 followers. 
It will take a full team to make this happen. I am going to do my part, but I’ll need you to share my link with all of your family and friends. If we can make it to the goal I will finally start the F&F Youtube channel I have been talking about for so long! Through giveaways and fabulous posts, I hope to keep you super engaged and excited to take F&F to the next level!
Stay Fabulous and follow F&F. #F&F1000
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For Sale: Black Patent Leather Mossimo Ballerina Flats
$12 + shipping
Size - 9.5
Message me here or email:
Happy Shopping!
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O x y m o r o n.
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Nardwuar vs. ScHoolboy Q

So ScHoolboy actually smoked one of the few remaining Cheech & Chong papers…legendary shit. This is my second favorite Nardwuar interview, with my favorite being Nardwuar vs. Questlove.

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